Sunday, December 11, 2011

Building Memories

This is the time of the year when we focus upon building memories. When God sent His son to earth in the form of flesh, He etched into the mind of humanity a memory that has never been forgotten. That’s why thousands every year celebrate with Christmas plays, nativity scenes, and the giving of gifts to others. While we give attention to our family and friends let us not forget the greatest Giver. May we follow the example of Mary, who broke open the alabaster box of ointment in order to give the ultimate gift of worship to her Savior. Acts such as this are important because they build memorials for the future? In the words of Dr. Jerry Vines, “Jesus took what Mary did and He put it in ‘His memory box’. That’s not all God has in there! He has the two mites that widow gave at the Temple. His has that broken ointment bottle. He has the gold, frankincense and myrrh of the wise men. He has the worship of the shepherds. He has the testimonies of the Gaderene demoniac, the tenth leper, the man who was born blind, the man who lay at the Pool of Bethesda for 38 years, and many others. He has the faith of the dying thief, the Roman centurion, and Zacchaeus. He has the gratitude of the woman with the issue of blood, Jairus, the widow of Nain, and a myriad of others. He has all this and more in His memory box. He never forgets and they will all be rewarded for their love, their faith and their worship of the Lord Jesus Christ!” What an incredible thought it is to think that by certain acts or gifts we can leave the same indelible imprint upon the mind of God as He leaves on us, now that’s a great way to build memories!

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