Monday, December 26, 2011

Mary Didn't Keep Him to Herself

Joel Pankow shared an illustration recently that seemed so appropriate for the Christmas season. Because it inspired me I wanted to summarize his words hoping it would do the same for you. Whenever a farmer in western Kansas buys a new truck a combine or something, he is hesitant to bring it out or tell anyone about it. I’m not quite sure why that is - but I think a part of it is he doesn’t want the other farmers to get jealous over his purchase and certainly doesn’t want to come off as being arrogant…. However, Pankow says, if God has blessed you with the ability to get a new truck why can’t you let people see your gift from God? He then compares this example to the birth of Jesus. Mary realized there was no way she could keep this gift hidden in a garage - that it wasn’t just for her - but for the world. She had to admit she had been given a wonderful gift. Soon after she gave birth, she realized what a PUBLIC thing this really was. The Shepherds came first and then they told others about it. So multitudes came and saw the baby. Here she and Joseph had all these strangers coming in and visiting the manger on the same night as the birth. Some months later the Wise Men came also. But she didn’t say, “Come back tomorrow - I just gave birth for crying out loud or I don’t like having strangers in my house.” No, she knew that all generations would know about this event and needed to experience him. Mary refused to keep Him to herself and so should we. More than ever, during the Christmas season we need to play the role of those who witnessed his birth and go tell everyone we see. Release the gift. Don’t just keep Him to yourself!

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