Sunday, December 4, 2011

Why not be Extravagant?

What do you think about when hearing the word “extravagant?” Most of the time we equate it with people who spend $250,000 on an automobile, two million dollars on a wedding, or someone who spends $10,000 for one night in a hotel room. These examples certainly fit the definition of the word which means spending excessively or wastefully beyond that which is reasonable. It is true that the term has negative connotations, especially in the spiritual sense when we see people take God given blessings and squander them on themselves. However, not all extravagance is bad. For instance during this time of year we emphasize the gift of God in the birth of His son, Jesus. Or during Easter we reflect upon Mary’s gift of “spikenard” poured out upon the Lord prior to his crucifixion. What greater demonstration is there than this? In these we see God and humanity giving their best. While we cannot repeat the act of Deity we can duplicate that which is offered in flesh and spirit by the anointing of our worship. Jesus is worthy of everything we can render to Him. No gift is excessive; no expression of love is over the top, and no form of worship should ever be considered too extravagant. Yet far too many times when it comes to God we mince words and contradict ourselves by our actions. Far too many of us are like the fellow who called his girlfriend up one day and said, “Darling, I love you! I would climb the highest mountain for you! I would swim the deepest river for you! I would fight a jungle full of lions for you! I love you! And, if it doesn’t rain tonight, I will be over to see you.” When you truly love Him nothing causes you to come short in your worship. You do your best and give your best; that’s being “extravagant.”

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